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Thanks for your interest in our 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef. Let us tell you why this beef is different. 

The cattle have been fed a diet solely of grass and hay, from the farm in Caledon. They were born and raised entirely within the Town of Caledon.


Cattle finished on grass/hay need more time. A typical beef animal is finished in about 16 months. Ours are between 20-26 months. This extra time results in beef with a deeper, 'beefier' flavour we know you will love. 


Since our cattle are not given any grain, they have a lower environmental impact. Growing grain is extremely carbon-intensive (fuel to run multiple pieces of equipment, fertilizer manufacturing, soil disturbance which can release soil carbon - just to name a few).


Cattle managed regeneratively are moved frequently so they do not over-graze and cause soil degradation. 


On our farm, we have fenced the cattle out of sensitive areas such as forests and wetlands. Thus, we are protecting those areas.


Our grazing and haying practices create and maintain habitat for many wildlife species (and plants!) including rare species such as Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark. These birds require grasslands that are left intact and not cut until after their baby birds leave the nest in mid-July. We leave the cattle out and delay our haying to help protect these rare birds.


The superior nutrient profile of grass-finished beef is another bonus. If you are someone who pays close attention to the quality of your food, it doesn't get much better than 100% Grass-Fed & Finished beef. 


Our meat is local. The cattle are born and raised in Caledon. On their "one bad day", they go to a facility 70 km away and then to our artisanal, family own butcher shop located in Guelph. The total kilometres traveled from birth to plate is less than 150km.


For more information, contact


David Jackson

(905) 460-4662


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